Following early group activity, responding to themes of balance, scale and … biscuits. Annie Carpenter, Andrew Wilson and Michelle Harrison sought to explore and expand initial outcomes. ‘The large scale’, which employs one of the 6 simple machines that change the direction or magnitude of a force. The group went on to make rudimentary examples of the 5 other simple machines, which became photographic works.

The project then went small scale, after parallels were drawn with the initial outcomes; of a machine in its simplest form and bacteria; being life reduced to one of its simplest forms, with the introduction of 'molecular machines' by Sam Hay, who joined the working group. Further R and D resulted in the group meeting at the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology to discuss the viability of synthesising a protein-based nano ‘simple machine’. The first steps were being made until the research was placed on hold until current restrictions are lifted.