Andrew Wilson

My starting point in the arts was in poetry and small press publishing, but since the early 2000s I have been setting up and taking part in collaborations between people with different kinds of knowledge. For more than a decade I worked with software developers on a range of initiatives to test out the possibilities of ubiquitous mobile phone ownership and use, and since then I have worked with people in all sorts of fields including physicists, an evolutionary biologist, a group of community psychiatric nurses, a neighbourhood police inspector, architects, computer scientists, drugs workers and lots of community organisations and citizen-led voluntary groups.

Through taking part in numerous collaborations ( sometimes working with people in large organisations including an NHS Trust, several local councils, the BBC, Greater Manchester Police, and five different universities), I've become committed to developing structures to best facilitate more collaborations to happen, particularly bringing together people whose kinds of knowledge and experience are distant from each other. To do that I've set up two co-operatives, and been one of the co-founders and main organisers of Superposition (2013-2017), and para-lab (2017-), both collectives of artists and scientists; The Making Space, a cooperatively run shared workspace (2013-); and Same Skies (2015-) a citizen-led political network and think tank.