Antony Hall developed and delivered a socially distant walking workshop based on his ‘Meander ~Delta’ method, a form of walking research developed as a response to the experience of collaborating with para lab; and the fact that many of our meetings and activities take place outside. The workshop involved walking around Manchester and collecting mosses from some unusual sites. The intention is that the multisensory relaxed and rhythmical nature of walking allows for ‘slow observation’ and enables the participants to make new connections with the environment and have conversations along the way. Crucial to the meander is the performance of science experiments or collection process to extract materials [physical samples, data, ideas] and glean fresh insights from the environment; Finally these collected materials are sorted and archiving in order to create the ‘Delta’ object;, which in this case took the form of a bottle garden. The concept was used for a successful project proposal for oldham art gallery 2021.