Drawing an Unsung Hero of Your Workspace

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"Hi Everyone

You are invited to take part in a para-lab session this Wednesday (7th) at 7.45pm via zoom.

I will be leading the session, which will be focused on drawing an 'unsung hero' of your workspace.

An example of an 'unsung hero' is something you might use a lot, but may not have given a lot of time to appreciating. It might be something that is always present and useful but you have never really looked at for any great length of time. It might also be something you feel you would enjoy getting to know a bit better.

It will be advantageous if your 'unsung hero' is small enough to draw a few times in an hour. It would be more advantageous if it is small enough to physically fit within an area the size of A3 or A4 paper (whichever size you have, to draw on)

If you are up for participating, you will need the following things:

A4/A3 paper. Standard printer paper is fine but you can be more extravagant if you like. * One/a selection of drawing implements. I recommend sticking to pens and pencils rather than wet media. An unsung hero of your choosing

The workshop won't be a technical drawing class, it will be about spending time getting to know something a bit better through the process of drawing. There won't be any pressure to show your drawings at any point, just if you choose to.

The idea for the workshop came from some paintings of the Ritherdon factory I produced while 'working from home' during lockdown, and have since continued making. If you fancy a quick look, there is a link to some of them below on my website: http://www.nicolaellis.com/2019/recent-works-on-paper/"